PC Gaming Trends that are Coming in the Near Future


Gaming on the PC is going to become more streamlined and powerful in the near future. The world of PC gaming is going to branch off into many different directions but the primary changes will center on streaming and browser gaming.nvidia_trends_02_thumb

PC’s have and always will be a platform for gamers. This is especially true in modern times. Consoles are designed specifically for gaming but they are starting to fade away. Microsoft eliminated the Xbox 360 in May of 2016. They will no longer produce this type of console for gaming purposes. Since Microsoft has existed out of the console gaming market they are apparently getting ready to reenter the market through another platform.

Many gaming industry insiders have speculated that consoles are giving way to PC’s and that PC’s are going to become the dominant platform for gamers in the near future. No one can say with certainty if this is true or not but the industry as a whole seems to be moving in this direction.


Streaming Games

From 2012 to 2015 certain trends took place in the gaming industry. One of those trends included a gaming streaming service that streamed games through the internet and allowed players to control the action on their PC. This service did not rely on a person’s computer to play the game. All a player had to do was to control the action on their screen with their keyboard, mouse or game pad.

Game streaming services make it easier for people to play games and not have to worry about spending a bunch of money on different titles. Some of the major game streaming companies have folded back in 2015 due to business and financial problems but the idea is already in place waiting to be perfected.
Browser Games

Browsers are normally used for searching content on the internet. However, they are now being developed for online game playing. The major browser developers are now designing their browsers to be able to play name brand games. This will give gamers the ability to play titles directly from their computer. Browser games will provide players a new way to access content and titles with a monthly fee. This way they will not have to pay for hardware and discs.

The idea of virtual gaming is being tossed around as well. Virtual gaming is nothing new, but the technology has been significantly developed since its initial release back in the 90’s. Ultimately, developers are heading toward the PC in droves; this is because modern PC specs and features are able to do way more than any console could ever dream of doing.







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