#1. Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo (SFGE) 2016


This is an event that features all kinds of games. Many people call it the sole game event because even gaming computer gurus find time to dress this rare and fruitful event. It happens on the 10th of June every year and it takes three days. At the Renaissance Waverly Hotel & Conference Center, everything is well organized to ensure that people have the best time to learn and appreciate the gaming advancements that have been made so far.

#2. Electronic Entertainment Expo – E3 2016


At the Los Angeles Convention Centre, this event normally takes place on every 14th of June every year. It is something to deal with electronics but it has extended its threshold and it has included all the gaming features and needs. It has been associated with talks and teachings from the most prominent online casino owners and gaming professionals. Owing to this, people never miss to attend because they know there is always something new to learn.

#3. Comicpalooza 2016


This is an event that has been flooded with the most trending developments, inventions and amendments in the PC gaming that people always offer. It has been regarded as the most reliable event because most of the PC game breakdowns are discussed and people are able to enjoy a perfect game play after that. It takes place from June 16th to 18th every year.