Retro Styled Games Of 2016


If you are like me (an avid gamer) you are always looking for the next great game to play. Finding gems within the sea of games on the current market can be challenging, that’s why this article will take a look at a few titles to showcase noteworthy games that you may want to keep track of, purchase or otherwise learn about!


What Makes A Great Game?


In our mind, greatness stems from the amount of effort put forth. In the gaming market, there is a huge demand for supplying the “casual gamer” with time sink concepts with very little depth. This is fine for a core group of gamers, but what about the gamers who crave more? Greatness can be an abstract concept, what is amazing to one person may not be so great to others and due to preferences of genre, play style and other factors you may or may not agree with our findings. These are just a few of the thoughts we have in mind as we check out contenders for the best games of 2016.

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Hyper Light Drifter features a unique art style, seamless storytelling via encounters and inference and a rewarding but punishing combat system. The journey isn’t for the faint of heart, indeed many may find themselves obsessing with collecting every secret, clearing every room or finding all of the hidden passages.

The story of HLD unfolds as the silent protagonist traverses through the beautiful, but dangerous world set before him. The battle involves a mix of dashing, hand to hand and ranged combat to subdue your foes (who are very numerous). In addition, you face off against powerful “boss” entities as you progress who are sure to test your skill and might. The game doesn’t just focus on action however, it features interesting and unique obstacles and puzzle elements as you travel each area. The game manages to strike a delicate balance that not many games capture successfully, making HLD one of the best games of 2016.





Moonlighter is a project created in conjunction with the Square Enix Collective. You assume the role of a shopkeeper who must dungeon delve in order to upgrade and sell items to would be adventurers. You can also sell the items to upgrade your shop and gear as you search for even better loot. The concept is fresh, interesting and has beautiful art to accompany it. You can check out much more about Moonlighter on their crowdfunding campaign page.


Aurion The Legend of Kori Odanimages (1)



Aurion is an action adventure RPG title that features an amazing African fantasy world. You assume the role of a young king who must bring to justice those who staged a coup d’état. You travel across the land and face countless foes as you unleash your powerful combat skills against them. Gain companions and explore as you search for answers in Aurion : The Legend of Kori Odan.


StarDew Valley




Stardew Valley is a unique game which features using your farming skills to help your neighbors and towns. You can grow a wide variety of foods, scavenge, go mining, fishing , cooking and much, much more. The game is relaxing and great fun, making it ideal for people who are less concerned with action and more with gleaning every ounce of enjoyment from a game as possible. This game is literally packed with a cornucopia of depth.






If metroidvania type games are your thing, you should definitely check out Chasm. Chasm places you in the role of a young soldier who must make sense of the dangers befalling a town you are sent to investigate. Upon arrival, you learn that everyone within the town is trapped (including you). In an effort to escape, you take matters into your own hands — beginning your adventure!


As you can see 2016 has released many quality concepts and 2017 is shaping up to be just as great. Check out a few of these titles the next time you get bored, I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


3 games you should play in 2016

3 games you should play in 2016

#1. Dishonored

This is one of the most thrilling games. It is an action that is more about fighting and claiming victory through the use of complicated advanced weapons. It has been rated high among many gaming sites and it is not a surprise that it is worth the time of many gamers. It is one of the most thrilling games that you cannot ignore. It has been in the PCs in many countries and it has never failed to entertain fans at all times.

#2. Mirrors Edge catalyst

A game that has been a choice to many. It is a war game that is trying to make the player a hero through fighting some fierce characters. It is made to excite and bring the feeling of having a real battle in the field. You have instructions both audio and written to ensure that you play perfectly at all times. It has levels which one keep on advancing until he or she becomes a winner. Just ensure that you have the perfect PC to install the game to avoid compromising in sound performance.

#3. Hit man

This game has been published by Square Enix, the professionals who are acknowledged for having the perfect games at all times. Just ensure that you get the correct version because pirates have already starting making identical versions to reap money from the innocent fans of the game. Hit man has been made in respect to the hit man movie that many people are always following in the theatres.