AMD VS NVIDIA The ultimate battle continues



As the sibling of a gentleman who would rather be in the company of computers than people, I may have a few words that could help you in your standstill. A debate I hear quite often in our family is which is better, AMD or Nvidia? The answer is simple if you know what you are looking for, and if you can answer this question. What are you going to be using your computer for? I have gathered a listen of pros and cons for both programs to help you decide which is in your favor.Nvidia-vs-Amd-3D-Wallpaper


AMD Pros:


Very affordable. If budgetting is your number one concern when making your decision then AMD is your choice


Higher video RAM. Although, AMD has also been reviewed to still be good for a gaming computer.


Excellent for multitasking


Strong GPU compute performance


The core speed is relativly high, and they have proven to be very strong in rendering


AMD Cons:


More power useage.


Although many sites claim fewer game makers prefer Nvidia that is not a supported statement. Each are in contract with specific game makers, which may or may not be in your favor when deciding


Problems with applications have been reported when using only 1-2 cores


Issues with support in regards to the software have also surfaced


Nvidia Pros:nvidia_vs_amd_by_kopianget-d8gibwo


Utlizes less power useage without hindering its speed, which is very high


It has a few added features, such as an adaptive Vsync


As I have mentioned in the AMD Cons list, game makers have contracts with either program. Therefore, it is hard to base your decision solely on which is best for gaming. The better question is, which games will you be playing on your computer?


Nvidia Cons:


Expensive. In comparison with AMD, Nvidia is not the choice for you if you are looking for a bargain


Not recommended for VR


Weak GPU compute performance, as well as less video RAM


Less memory bandwidth


Limitations to overlooking, which is assumed to be related to the locked voltage control


You have all of this information at the tips of your fingers, and yet you still may be wondering, “Which is best for what I want to do?” If you are like me sometimes when a pros and cons section is the only source of review then I am even more indecisive then when I began! Here is a quick sum of things. In the words of my brother and his fellow computer wizards, AMD and Nvidia are essentially the same with slight differences. Either choice will benefit you. In spite of the fact, those small contrasts have a big say in your decision making. To help you even further here is a website I feel may have additional comments to aid you


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