3 games you should play in 2016

#1. Dishonored

This is one of the most thrilling games. It is an action that is more about fighting and claiming victory through the use of complicated advanced weapons. It has been rated high among many gaming sites and it is not a surprise that it is worth the time of many gamers. It is one of the most thrilling games that you cannot ignore. It has been in the PCs in many countries and it has never failed to entertain fans at all times.

#2. Mirrors Edge catalyst

A game that has been a choice to many. It is a war game that is trying to make the player a hero through fighting some fierce characters. It is made to excite and bring the feeling of having a real battle in the field. You have instructions both audio and written to ensure that you play perfectly at all times. It has levels which one keep on advancing until he or she becomes a winner. Just ensure that you have the perfect PC to install the game to avoid compromising in sound performance.

#3. Hit man

This game has been published by Square Enix, the professionals who are acknowledged for having the perfect games at all times. Just ensure that you get the correct version because pirates have already starting making identical versions to reap money from the innocent fans of the game. Hit man has been made in respect to the hit man movie that many people are always following in the theatres.

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